Anime Sunday!

Yo! So the rundown.

I live in California, and I LOVE IT! But traveling about is always fun too!

I love vocabulary words, always have, always will. I’m always looking to add another word to the filing cabinet in my head. My favorite word to say is pusillanimous not to mention it’s a great insult!

Got 86 units working towards my B.A. and already have my A.S.T. in Criminal Justice. Snagging a B.A. one of these days would be plenty swell but given my career choice and progression, not entirely necessary. School IS fun though!

I live with my lady(wife now!) who I’ve been with through thick and thin for well over 6 years now. We love our animal babies(AND OUR REAL HUMAN DAUGHTER BABY, as of 01-29-19). My wife has a pretty big nerd side as well, something I had to dig out of her when we first met. I love her to hell and back and back again and I feel pretty lucky to have found someone that loves me for all my good and bad and ugly qualities as well.

I love video games and horror and reading good books and guns and science and words and people and trying new food and places and enjoying the ride of life and of course… ANIME(when I have a chance to watch something)

The reason I got into anime(though I wager my adoration was an inescapable fate) was my brother in law. He loved anime. Back when I was 5 or 6 he would introduce me to shows. Next thing you know I’m watching Berserk and Dragon Ball Z and other classics.

Then I discovered Naruto in 5th grade or so. Toonami WAS my anime provider. No internet(I didn’t get internet until I was 18) BUT the day I convinced my household to get internet… my anime bubble popped.

They came out with new shows every season in Japan? There were HUNDREDS of shows?! I HAD MISSED ALL THAT?!

I consumed the greats, all the anime both new and old that never got a good foothold in the U.S. over a year. I was ravenous. Good, bad, ugly, didn’t matter.

So my knowledge of anime went from DVD’s my brother in law had, to Toonami, to IFC On Demand and whatever I could scrounge from our Xfinity. THEN THE INTERNET.

And around that same time me and my buddies(brothers really) started to go to Anime Expo and other odd cons around Cali.

I decided I’d like to have an excuse to write a little more often and try analyzing different shows and I decided a blog might be a pretty good time as an outlet if nothing else. Found some great blogs in the process with some interesting takes on things so that is always nice too!

I look forward to working on this blog!

Until next time!

-Anime Sunday