I’m looking forward to this! First post, this is special!

The first sentence. Actually, not even a sentence but rather a fragment. Not a good start! But even so… that felt good… now that THAT is out of the way I’ll feel no pressure going forward.

Well, this blog is my means of killing two birds with one stone. 1.) I love writing. 2.) I love anime(really, anything nerdy) and so why not blog about anime?!

More than that, at present, I work as the full time Lead Loss Prevention Detective for an off-price retailer. I am fortunate enough that I am in an insulated, separate sphere from all the other employees in the store. The Store Manager is NOT my boss and I act as an over-all supervisor. My boss is usually a few states away and casually checks in on me only every few months. At that point he relays to me corporate’s new initiatives to ensure I promote them at the store level and drive results. Subsequently, I write my own schedule and have made it a point to always have Sundays off.

On these days off I would like to add a new hobby, something to look forward to and mull over as the week progresses. A hobby that allows me to engage in my past times, in this case writing and anime. A consistent little reminder/reprieve in the hectic, fun, chaos of life that allows me to stay in touch with who I am.

I am a nerd through and through. I’m lucky enough that I STILL keep in regular contact with my best pals who are HUGE nerds as well( I’m talking room share in Los Angeles while we attend Anime Expo kind of nerdy) and while we have each other as an outlet, I wanted something a bit more structured. It is as important to me that I hone my writing skills(or at LEAST maintain them in a creative, personal, non-investigative report kind of way)  as it is important that I hold myself accountable to some kind of a schedule which ensures I make time for my nerdy hobbies.

I already feel so invested! I really am rather excited to kick this off. Just a fun little hobby once a week, no pressure… or rather JUST enough.

As for the scope of this endeavor? I want to write about some aspect of anime that has me intrigued on any given week. Loose enough that I am free to go with the flow and avoid burn out, but not so loose that my blog becomes entropy incarnate.

Figuring out WordPress should be a rewarding experience in and of itself, but just as well I’d like to upgrade this from a free personal blog to something more independent… Something for which I have more control over.

I can’t wait to entertain myself with this blog. Hell, I think I’ve already accomplished that and then some.

For now, I’ll just let this sit as the beginning of my new journey. I did just begin re-watching ToraDora! For the first time since I was in high school. A real treat… It just happened to be on “Starz On Demand” as I perused the shows. I had forgotten how good it was, some scenes give me goosebumps. Who can’t relate to those characters and their situations?!


Maybe more on that next Sunday. I am feeling inspired and nostalgic as hell by Toradora’s bitter sweet themes and subject matter. Though watching it with my lady as an adult is giving me this AWESOME fresh perspective and I am noticing things and recognizing the characters and the reasons behind their actions in ways I just wasn’t capable of as a teenager.

THAT is the sign of a masterpiece, when one can glean something new upon every observation.


Well, until next Sunday, with ANIME SUNDAY.

Yeeeeeeeeeeeea…. We’ll work on the outro.



-Anime Sunday



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