Holy Hell, it ain’t Sunday but who cares

I have been B-U-S-Y.
There is no other way to articulate this besides my time being completely and utterly consumed.

I changed jobs.

Constantly going to meetings for the new job and preparing the potential next in line to inherit my throne at the former store.

And NOW?

I’m in DEEP. This new job has an insane learning curve.

The city I work in is desperate, and the demographic is ROUGH, to say the least.

There is so much going on. Changing stores three to four times in a day. All these new cameras and programs, constant theft, arrests, civil forms, trespass forms, JUST HOLY SHIT!

My mind is baked. There is a lot of responsibility and so many folds to the chaos. Either in the middle of making an arrest, studying penal code, policy, reviewing customer incident reports, processing arrests, waiting for police, SO MANY REPORTS, driving to all these different stores with different layouts and cameras…

And I’m getting paid the money because they expect results and Loss Prevention is like working commissions… these people wanna see arrests and productivity.

I have worked eleven 8-9 hour days in a row. Tomorrow I’m not off until midnight. Today I was off at 7:30PM…

I’m tired. I’m stressed. But I’m in my element. I’m dedicating everything to acclimation right now. No anime, no games, JUST GAME OF THRONES! That’s all I’m up to date on.

I work Sunday’s now too… so… yea lol.

I didn’t expect this change… but the offer came, the money was there, the chance to grow was there, and the CHALLENGE? Definitely there.

So, I can’t throw a time frame out but I won’t be doing posts every Sunday. Not happening.

I do expect I’ll get a wild hair up my arse now and then but I expect something more free form and list like rather than an explorative post trying to analyze the human condition.

Is what it is. This was only ever for fun anyway but dang it lol I was enjoying this. AH WELL!

I appreciate anyone and everyone who bothers to read my stream of conscience. If nothing else I want to start reading everyone else’s posts again, something I haven’t been able to do.

Welp, see y’all on the flip side!

Keep kicking ass! Stay safe! Enjoy life! and enjoy some anime for me!




^ some fun company issued(MOSTLY) gadgets!


P.S. WATCH THE CASTLEVANIA ANIME ON NETFLIX! It is so short! I actually had some time for it and I’m in love!

One thought on “Holy Hell, it ain’t Sunday but who cares

  1. congrats on the new job. I always believe that you should always take new opportunities given to you, and it’s a good chance to grow.
    i’m sure once you settle in, then it’ll be back to regular programming so keep it up. 🙂


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