Nichijou Got Licensed

This is NOT an editorial! This is, after all, my ordinary life, Nichijou.


I know, I know! ONLY every Sunday was I supposed to put up an EPIC post. Well, while rules were absolutely made to be broken, I don’t feel like I’m making a violation! This is more of an anime “show and brag” post.


Way back when, I watched Nichijou as it was airing in Japan. This show KILLED me. It was my favorite kind of sketch comedy with an anime slice of life twist. A match made in heaven.

Much to my dismay, Nichijou actually didn’t do all that well in Blu-Ray sales in Japan(Blu-Ray sales are the life blood of anime).

I didn’t have the means, all those years ago, to go out and buy Nichijou and support what had given me so much joy. More than that, Nichijou didn’t have an official translation since no one would pick up the license here in the West. Until recently that is…

Come to find out yesterday that Nichijou got picked up by Funimation and licensed on… MY BIRTHDAY THIS YEAR! February 7th! Then when I ordered it yesterday I got free one day shipping! A fortuitous stroke of serendipity if ever there was!

The stars aligned… This show is my favorite comedy. It has one of the BEST OP’s and ED’s as well! The inimitable art style is so refreshing. The show is just… SPECIAL.

I remember watching it before football practice over the Summer, the calm before the storm. I would laugh to myself thinking about the show while doing footwork and drills. I was the lone happy man on the field as everyone else loathed the grueling practice performed in full pads in a stifling 100+ degree heat. But my mind wasn’t there on that field, it was with these characters that I had grown to love. And boy did they help those two-a-days along.

So, you can imagine my excitement when I saw it licensed and on sale! Best 50$’s I ever spent. I feel so relieved to be able to finally extend my gratitude to the creators of Nichijou with my hard earned dollars. EVEN if it was a few years late. I’m proud to have it in my library and I look forward to sharing some good laughs with my lady who is excited to watch it as well.

Once my memory of the show is refreshed I’ll have to write something up!

I encourage everyone to give this show a shot. It’s a real treat! It has a great pedigree coming from the same folks behind K-On and Lucky Star. EXCEPT FAR SUPERIOR!




Well, until we meet again!


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