Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July!

America has it’s( HUGE ) share of problems just like any other country, BUT, I couldn’t live anywhere else, and I’m proud to be a citizen of this nation despite its past atrocities and it’s present folly.

But today is a day for celebration! So cheers to all the other Americans! Hell, cheers to people all around the world! We are ALL in it together. We ALL have a part to play in making this planet better or worse… let’s choose the former!

Enjoy the holiday. It’s a paid holiday for me and I went ahead and scheduled myself off. I’m just going to enjoy it to the UTMOST.

Actually, this is my first 4th of July home in years… I have been to Anime Expo for the entire 4 day venture for the last 5 years.




Saw two of Makoto Shinkai’s world premieres and met him in person. The masquerade, the night club, the viewing rooms, the artist alley, meeting voice actors, really, just enjoying the fan fair!

I’ll miss it this year! But this year had some peculiar and tragic challenges so perhaps it was for the best that I stayed home this year.

Anyway, next year I am going back to Anime Expo with a vengeance!




But to hold myself over I’ll just show off some of the cool things I have collected over the years. A FRACTION, mind you, of what I have collected.



Some of my favorite moments were meeting Steven Blum and getting his autograph on a Cowboy Bebop Poster. Another year we saw Lisa at concert. We also got a bunch of unexpected concerts at the panels we went to so that was an awesome surprise. And seeing the premier of “Your Name” with a thousand other nerds was a real treat. That was one of the high lights of last year.



But to anyone that hasn’t gone to a Con or Anime Expo, if you have the means, start going! The atmosphere, that everyone there is there for the same reason… it’s awesome! The screams and cheers during screenings, everyone dressed up, weird fun food, and it wouldn’t be complete without all those long lines and sun burns!



So get out there and have some fun, and be a nerd! And meet some other nerds! And, ya know, nerd out! It’s part of what makes existing so fun!

Welp, Happy 4th of July everyone! Until next time!




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