Make Berserk Great Again!


To begin with, just a few days ago I was notified by my Regional that I was utilizing my asset protection greeter inappropriately. I had bestowed upon him TOO MANY responsibilities. I knew full well that I had him acting as a quasi Loss Prevention associate with Loss Prevention associate duties. I really allowed everything BUT an apprehension and I also didn’t allow my greeter to work with the administrative or internal aspects of the job.

But now?

I have him posted up at an exit in front of a computer.

Very little floor walking and no recoveries or debits, occasionally he can swap exits, take a brief walk through the floor, and do the odd audit.

Essentially, both hands have been tied behind his back and subsequently, MY BACK.

I was getting this greeter geared up for certified Loss Prevention work. But alas, apparently I had over stepped a boundary.

And now, I have been left to ponder and consider the logic behind the decision. The only thing that has changed, is that we are less efficient and less productive. The changes are decidedly malignant. I can’t fathom the reason behind the decision…

We would deter theft better with him walking the floor as opposed to him explicitly greeting only at the exit. Hell, he could greet people as he walked by the aisles. Plus, with the quasi Loss Prevention work load, he would be better prepared for a transition to certified Loss Prevention work.

And then it hit me.

It was Berserk all over again. My heart broken once more.
We go from something that is wonderful and something that is working, and then, without warning, and no reason, it all goes to shit. A complete and utter failure, and you’re left wondering WHY?! What was so wrong with how things were?!

This is exactly how I feel about Berserk. An abomination, a perversion of what was and what should be. But no longer…

To allow a bit of perspective and to demonstrate how near and dear this show is to my heart… I thought I’d explain my long term relationship with Berserk.



^^^I paid a buddy to make that!

Berserk is one of the first anime I ever saw. It may be the FIRST anime I ever saw, though it might be a pretty close tie with dragon ball Z. Either way, this is the foundation for me, the basement level.

I still remember my eight or nine year old eye balls plastered to the television, consuming the gore, depravity, blood, violence, sex, art style, philosophy, existentialism, evil, the human condition, the plot, the well woven narrative… the anti hero himself. THESE WERE REAL PEOPLE. Embellished maybe, but I knew what I saw was special. It wasn’t “Rugrats” or “Hey Arnold”, this was something masterful, it was dark, hard to look at sometimes, but THIS mattered, THIS could offer me insight into the world.

It taught me at a young age that there was, in this world, genuine monstrosities, REAL horrors, abominable acts, that it wasn’t black and white, good guy and bad guy.

Berserk showed me what heroes look like, that is to say, not heroes at all. Rather, they were capable of heroic feats but more than the actions they took, it was the intent behind those actions, that determined what was truly heroic. That the white knight was probably only clean and pristine on the surface. That there was more to the world, just behind the curtains. I learned that all people harbor in themselves the potential to be monstrous.




Berserk was… PROFOUND, nothing like the superficial shows I had watched on Nickelodeon.

Throughout my life, I have had NOTHING but the HIGHEST praise for Berserk. It was up there with the other greats, held in utter regard…

And then, there was the fall from grace… where the REAL horrors began!




But even so, we looked like we were headed in a good direction with the movies, they were supposed to prepare us for the new, amazing anime that would surpass the story of its predecessor… FINALLY, we were gonna see Guts and party post Band of the Hawk.

BUT, after some regularly improving movies and an excellent combo of CG and drawn faces by the 3rd movie, which allowed fluid fight sequences but avoided the uncanny valley…





This anime is hot garbage.

The CG reminds me of a Netflix Original anime. SO POORLY DONE! No artistic style! When I see the environments and trees and buildings of the new Berserk anime, I think of Nintendo 64 graphics.

When I look at those God damn AWFUL character models? I feel like I’m watching a Hatsune Miku music video.







I don’t get it though!

Does Berserk not have a following?! Did they think Berserk was going to be a risky venture? That there wasn’t a huge and established fan base?! This show is NOT some unknown, risky, niche! It is: BERSERK BY KENTARO MIURA! A critically acclaimed, award winning manga and anime with STELLAR source material…


The director of the show has NO track record before this! At least nothing that would make him a suitable director for the dark, detailed, story and animation style that Berserk deserves…

It is with a heavy heart…. after waiting over 10 years….. that I announce….  I am DEPRESSED by Berserk’s turn out…

The 1st movie had bad CG but it was better than this! And the 3rd movie was a great compromise!





Please, I WANT to give you my money. But I need a fair shake! ALL I WANT IS FOR BERSERK NOT TO BE A TURD! Not to mention they pull the punches! Not enough gore, not enough violence, not enough depravity…

Berserk was so dark at times it churned my stomach, truly perverse subject matter, dysfunction made manifest.

My stomach still churns, but only because I can see how far Berserk has fallen… I see what COULD have been. And it hurts.




Welp, until next time!


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