The Whole is Greater…

I can’t be the only one who gets chills when a bunch of people all stand up for the national anthem and sing in unison. Or when a stadium of people all sing the lyrics to an artist’s song in the middle of an epic jam. Or when a bunch of people come to the aid of another in trouble. When everyone works together to overcome an otherwise insurmountable problem. Even when watching a comedy show, how one laughs more when in the company of other laughing people, or yawns when they see another person yawn.

It all comes down to one simple, inherent, archaic truth at the bottom of our most primal foundation:

Humans like humans doing human stuff with other humans for humanity. Even the way one processes thoughts and shares knowledge is done with language and can only be understood in a human way. We can’t escape ourselves.

We read books about humans(or at least extremely anthropomorphic beings with human problems that humans can utterly relate with) with human problems, we watch movies about humans doing human stuff, tv series with humans dealing with human drama, read manga about drawn humans with human dilemmas, listen to music performed by humans with human morals, it all comes back to people NEEDING AND CRAVING OTHER PEOPLE.

We’re pack animals man, what’re ya gonna do?!

There is, after all, NOTHING more dangerous than a person without a friend(even if it is a substitute for a human friend that one projects companionship and VERY relatable human emotions onto… like the ancient bond between humans and dogs and cats developed over millennia… or even a volley ball with a bloody hand print face)

Then I think about some of my favorite scenes in anime(or otherwise but this IS an anime blog so I suppose I should give it that twist lol) and IMMEDIATELY I am picturing that scene from Evangelion. It is that Evangelion scene in the re-make with Rei using a shield to block incoming laser blasts from Ramiel, powerful enough to melt mountains, while the Shinji lines up a shot using a sniper rifle. When they fail to finish off the angel(THAT SCREAM IT GIVES OFF LOL HOLY FUCK IT HAUNTS ME TO THIS DAY) all the NPC Japanese workers are hustling to allocate power and reset the conditions necessary to pull off another shot.


The scene is AWESOME just a genuine spectacle but what really gave me chills is knowing what’s on the line and how everyone is just doing their best to survive at ANY cost… self sacrifice and courage from people you don’t even know… gives me goosebumps to see humanity at it’s best.

Then the scene in Gurren Lagan at the end, where the preservation of sentient life itself is in the hands of this group giving every single iota of energy they have to over come an existential horror.


Or the FROTHING, MAD, LAST DITCH EFFORT OF MUMEN RIDER! The speech he gives as everyone watches him fight the Sea King, to know what he is fighting for, that he’ll give everything he has no matter the obstacle…


The power of humanity, to see that there will always be one left to stand and fight for others, and that others will help those standing to fight.

A single human being on their own can take a nice walk outside and stand on their own two feet and work hard and contribute to help the world in the best way they know how…. And that alone is pretty awesome.

But a group of people, working hard together, standing united, and sharing a common goal…

Can change the world.

Until next time!


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