Summer Days Gone By

With Summer coming to a close(it actually ended yesterday!!!), I think it’s important to celebrate while we can. The days are bound to get shorter, and much colder in the coming weeks… WINTER IS COMING! ABANDON ALL HOPE!!! WE’LL NEVER MAKE IT!! WE’RE DOOMED!! MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON YOUR DAMNED SOULS!!!!!

Summer is a great time for sports, lazing about in the sun, and taking vacations.

It’s also a great time to watch certain anime to help get you in the mood. And as the last vestigial weeks of Summer are killed off…

I’d like to make a few recommendations. While there is still time!(which technically there isn’t anymore! But it’s 95 degree where I’m at so, in the spirit of Summer, I think I’m good!)

First off, Summer Wars is a fantastic Summer anime. It basically embodies everything you are looking for! Good weather, nice and shiny and bright and hot and sunny! It’s also set around a vacation and family coming together and revolves around a Summer romance. The animation is top notch, great fight scenes, and is very heart warming. Also very relevant is this digital age, and how it’s important to not disregard the real world around you. Great stuff! I mean I DO own it after all!

If you watch Summer Wars you WILL NOT be disappointed and it could be a great way to end the Summer on a high note(spiritually speaking, as this post is one day too late… dammit lol)

And if Summer Wars is one of the best movies to watch for the Summer, then Anohana is one of the best Summer series. It aired in the Summer of 2011 and takes place…. ONE SUMMER DAY! Lol! It’s a bit darker as it revolves around the grief of losing a friend and how each person deals with grief in their own way… but it’s light hearted, heart warming, and has a bitter, but mostly sweet, ending.

But there are some other great titles that really encapsulate the adventure and romance of the Summer spirit!

Movies like the Girl Who Leapt Through Time and Redline are also a lot of fun. Some romance and some adventure! Everything an ideal Summer demands!

And then there are some other shows that are also perfect for the Summer months. Shows like Squid Girl and High School of the Dead and The Devil is a Part-Timer are great Summer anime.

Squid Girl revolves around the beach and the invader from the deep who loves shrimp and fears nothing(except killer whale inflatables)! It is a light hearted show with some moments that will kill you with laughter… the OP’s are pretty damn good too…

With High School of the Dead, you get a good romp. It’s an interesting take, full of fan service, gore, and some of the most memorable scenes in anime history(I will never forget the physics of that woman’s breasts as he fired that rifle and the other woman who dodged?… legendary scene) and all of this without the SLIGHTEST hint of shame. It’s a pop corn anime series that is perfect for the Summer.

And lastly, I remember when Summer was all about part time jobs and hanging out with buddies and romantic angst/ love triangles(less so lol), and this show has all of that and THEN some! The Devil is a Part-Timer is all about the Devil working at a McDonal— *COUGH COUGH* I mean a FAST FOOD restaurant…(we don’t want to get sued!) and trying to pay bills, avoid being killed by a former nemesis, and try to take over the world. Every episode will leave you in a good mood.

So yea, just off the top of my head I remember watching all those shows(many over the Summer) and them leaving an impression of whimsy, fun, laughs, adventure, and romance! Everything you need in a Summer!

Better watch them while you can… because next up is October… and you know what that means! HALLOWEEN AND HORROR AND CASTLEVANIA SEASON 2!!!!

Oh and beautiful leaves, colder weather, blah blah etc.


Until next time!


P.S. What are some of your favorite Summer anime?!

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