Confessions of Love… ANIME LOVE

Ha ha ha! Could there be anything more embarrassing, more gut wrenching, more anxiety inducing than the confession of romantic love?! It is one of those amazing things in life, love I mean! Especially the young, unstable, ignorant, melodramatic version that we experience in our youth! It is a hallmark of growing up, a rights… Continue reading Confessions of Love… ANIME LOVE

Summer Days Gone By

With Summer coming to a close(it actually ended yesterday!!!), I think it’s important to celebrate while we can. The days are bound to get shorter, and much colder in the coming weeks… WINTER IS COMING! ABANDON ALL HOPE!!! WE’LL NEVER MAKE IT!! WE’RE DOOMED!! MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON YOUR DAMNED SOULS!!!!! … Summer is… Continue reading Summer Days Gone By