My Hero Academia Movie

The My Hero Academia movie was FANTASTIC.

Just finished it a few hours ago, and if you have the opportunity and are a fan, do yourself a favor and see it with an audience where all the fans squee at their favorite hero introduction and shout during the final moments of the movie… hype… we all boarded the hype train and NO ONE left without a smile.

People wearing All Might T-shirts and talking about their favorite “smash” during the movie. It was great to be watching it here in California, and when All Might did his “CALI-FORNIA…. SMAAAAAAASH!!!” The whole audience erupted!

It was a TREAT and a HALF, what more can I say?!

Seeing young All Might full of vigor and hope, it was one of my favorite parts.

It had some great… FEELS…

Animation and fights were top notch and the story was actually pretty straight forward and intriguing.

I never would have known about it without the heads up in a post by DerekL over at


I fly out to Arizona tomorrow night so this was a real fun last hurrah with my lady and buddies.

And since the season ended today it was a nice last cherry on top. My lady wanted to see it and watched the whole show in about 5 days to prepare for the movie xD dedication! Suffice to say I think she’s become a fan.


Until next time!(later today)


P.S. Anyone else see it and enjoy it?! Wish I could have seen it at the premier during Anime Expo this past July! Lucky ducks!

3 thoughts on “My Hero Academia Movie

  1. You’re welcome!

    We saw it too, and loved it! It was little more than an extended episode in a lot of ways, but there’s just something about the communal experience in a crowded theatre.

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