Merry Christmas(Eve) Folks!

THANK GOODNESS IT’S… ALMOST CHRISTMAS! *cough Sunday just passed cough*

Happy holidays! Whatever you celebrate! Where ever you are!

Haven’t posted in a coons age! So much going on! When I’m not working or stressing about getting married this Thursday the 27th or having a child in another month or so… or budgeting… OR ALL THE OTHER CRAP… I’m playing OverWatch, which I haven’t played in a LONG time… so that’s been fun, and watching Goblin Slayer (just binged Megalobox a week ago which was a nice straightforward ride!)

Goblin Slayer is a TREAT AND A HALF! Every episode(mostly, got a bit MEH for a small stretch) has been a brutal and an interesting ride through dark fantasy land. That show is at its best when adventuring because holy CRAP when the show leans on character development and conversation I can feel my stomach quiver hahahaha!!

It started as an expectation shatterer, a kind of juxtaposition, MAYBE A DICHOTOMY IF THAT IS WHAT FLOATS YOUR BOAT! Different strokes for different folks and all that! But we have this bright beautiful fantasy world that was suddenly extremely violent and dark… Lord of the Rings had goblins and violence… but I don’t remember women being violated, men sliced to ribbons, baby goblins crushed, or nude women used as meat shields. Show is fantastic when they show how abominable the goblins are… no punches pulled, and the way the characters are impacted by egregious acts of evil.

The fact that the world and the characters who inhabit it are aware of like, how many spell castings they have left, and their MP, learning spells at certain levels, and adventurer ranks… I thought it was yet ANOTHER virtual reality game thing, which was fun at the beginning because I was trying to fit the show in a box and label it but it just kinda kept doing its own thing and marching to it’s own beat. Which is great! I love the tropes and world dynamics.

I think I realized it wasn’t a virtual game when that girl was mercy killed at the beginning by goblin slayer after she was suffering from poison. When they treated it like a big deal and there was no, “AH MAN I’M GONNA LOSE MY PROGRESS!” I realized it was the world playing by its own rules, the fantasy RPG parts were just simply the nature of the world.

Our MC is a great Guts fill in(at least it scratches that itch for me!) so I’ve been tickled pink this whole season(except for the REAL thick conversation characters relationship growing bonding talk talk meander around doing nothing parts)

That’s really all for anime though! Other than a movie here and there or a re-watch. Oh yea, and of course every Saturday I watch Dragon Ball Super which is shaping up to be a real hoot and half *CHOO CHOO* HYPE TRAIN!!! *CHOO CHOO* ALL ABOARD!!!

Yea… I’m pumped for the battle royal( kind of apropos/ topical given the current climate of battle royal games! Lol kinda meta-ish I’m digging it! Show is ahead of it’s time!!!)

As for the holidays:

I’m excited for the white elephant party with family tomorrow! I bought rare exotic award winning cheeses as my gift with gourmet crackers! Unconventional and refreshing I hope! No gift cards from me!

Gonna enjoy the next few days off from work for the holidays and getting married. All I need to do is play some Parasite Eve(as is my tradition) and then just enjoy everything before all this big new scary change happens 0_o

At least this blog will always be there lol! Gone… not dead though! Not yet anyway! And as usual I enjoy the lurk! I expect to be back more regularly when this new exciting season of My Hero and One Punch Man drops BUT WHO CAN SAY?!


Until next time!


P.S. I REALLY need to play Parasite Eve, like just talking about it gave me this insatiable craving… such a good Christmas game… captures a kind of LONELINESS… you’d have to play it to see what I mean, the atmosphere is legendary. Just love it!

3 thoughts on “Merry Christmas(Eve) Folks!

  1. as of this writing, congrats on getting married. and congrats on your new addition to the family!!!!! name them after an anime character,hahahaha. i kid.


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