I’M BACK IN PHOENIX!!! 😀 I’m so sad 😀


Requisite, obligatory flight picture aside…

Halloween is Wednesday next week…

October FLEW BY(4 flights guaranteed at least that much) and it’s been fun! Just watched that new Haunting of Hill House show on Netflix. Pretty dark, pretty heavy, pretty interesting, a good time for Halloween!!!

I’ve been enjoying some Halloween themed or horror styled anime as well. 

But more important than ALL OF THAT… Castlevania Season 2 airs this Friday on Netflix… and holy CRAP I’m so excited… it’s really the highlight of the month besides the big day itself(and the fact that I upgraded from a hand-me-down iPhone 5c with a 3 hour battery life, IF I could even get the charger aligned in the charging port to charge at all, to an iPhone XS MAX… it’s a whole new world) , and just in time for Halloween… just perfect timing!

Season 1(which I just rewatched for the 5th time lol) was an absolute TREAT AND A HALF. Came out of nowhere, I didn’t expect much, but damn it was a fun, fluid, well animated ride. It was short, focused, a very tight narrative. I LOVED IT. And now we get 8 episodes instead of the 4 that were allotted for season 1. 

The show pulled no punches and the demons were brutal, killing infants, women, men, children, didn’t matter… it was certainly compelling. Voice acting is awesome which never hurts either! And Alucard, who made his debut in full during the last episode in a fantastically animated fight between him and our inimitable Trevor Belmont, is going to get the screen time I craved from season 1! 

In order to celebrate I finished Symphony of the Night, which is an absolutely damn near perfect game. So much fun, great enemy deaths, style, music, the inverted castle…

I’m pumped, I’m ready to go, I rewatched the show, beat the game, read all the lore on Wikipedia and other gaming sites, and now I’m writing about it on my blog lol!

I hope this encourages anyone who was unaware or not interested, to treat themselves this Friday. Season 1 is extremely compact and intense, well paced, and less than 2 hours of your time. And a perfect way to help launch yourself into a season 2. After all, ‘tis the season to be haunted MUHA HA HA HA, HA HA, HA HA!

I encourage ALL to get into the holiday horror season! I know in Phoenix I’ll FINALLY be playing Resident Evil 7 which my buddy got for me! …… on HIS birthday……. huh………..


Until next time!


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