What is wrong with how metal objects look in One Punch Man Season 2?!


First of all, wanted to drop a quick little post since it has been a COONS AGE! Recently my blog subscription was renewed, and again I am reminded that if I don’t put content on here once in awhile I’M BLOWING MY MONEY!!

And again the cycle of into anime and out of anime picks up just in time for Anime Expo which is always when I start getting back into anime and wanting to talk about it. In about 5 more months I’ll be gone again until I’m reminded that keeping this site up costs me money and Anime Expo is coming up…

That said, I’m not even going this year!!! How depressing :/ BUT granted I got an amazing fat little newborn baby daughter to take care of so… eh, fair exchange. I’ll take her next year with my wife but for now, since she doesn’t have a measles shot yet, that’s a no go!

Anyway, what this is really all about, why does the metal, specifically Genos’s arms look like CRAP in One Punch Man this season?


Anyway, excited to be back for the next 120 days or so before I go back into hiding…

Ahhhh the cycle, so refreshing, like clock work! It really does astound me! I think my last post was in May about Devil Man Cry Baby or something and how the cycle was starting up lol.

Any who, I really don’t have THAT much time especially with my baby and my grave yard job that sucks my energy, but CERTAINLY, I can get a post out once a week or so, I mean, COME ON, that HAS to be possible right? I mean BARE MINIMUM, once a month… I MEAN THAT MUST BE POSSIBLE THROUGH THE LAWS OF PHYSICS!

I’ll either be back or I won’t, but…

I R-E-F-U-S-E to let this husk of a blog completely shrivel up and die… no sir(or ma’am), we’re beating this dead horse back into hell itself. This blog is like crab grass, just can’t completely wipe it out xD


Until next time!


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