Christmas in the Kingdom of Science

On the street outside, a cold wind animates the leaves, as a bright, warm glow pours out through the opaque frost covered windows and into the night. It is a home with family gathered. And on that street there are many of the same homes, with the same warmth pouring out from within. It is Christmas, and the first month of winter.

It worked out quite well when I watched Dr. Stone’s “Christmas episode” a couple weeks ago. A show that is entirely about how when we come together, despite our differences, and celebrate all of our unique skills, personalities, and individual contributions, we can get infinitely more done and appreciate accomplishments that much more. Similarly, getting through this world without family(blood or otherwise, I’m sure Senku knows what I’m talking about), is pretty difficult, if possible at all.

The holidays act as a catalyst to this realization. We have an opportunity to reflect on what we have done for friends, family, our loved ones, and how we will improve our bonds in the year to come, so that we have as few regrets as possible. We also show gratitude for all of the things that other people do for us, all of the big and little acts of kindness that improve our day to day life, and make us feel like we belong.

Dr. Stone represents this so well, it champions altruism(despite the chaos of relationships and the challenges of supporting other people and offering a helping hand) and is critical of the supercilious and rigid characteristics of the tribe led by the world’s strongest primate. A kingdom where fellow man is sacrificed to determine if the air is safe to breathe(it definitely wasn’t), where Darwinism is the prevailing philosophy, and only the strong have the opportunity to survive and bonds are founded upon objective, indifferent, practicality and convenience.

Suffice to say, I’m a proponent of the kingdom of science, for all of its flaws and imperfections. We all tend to smooth out each other’s rough edges anyway! When you celebrate traditions, the holidays, help other people through charity and support, and appreciate family… you’re winning the game of life. Anything less is… well… that is called surviving. Why survive, when you can live?!

Merry Christmas and happy holidays! I’ll see you in the new year 😀 (at least once or twice… I guarantee that I’ll get out AT LEAST one or two posts(lest I waste money from owning this domain and never posting on it!))

Until then, have a Senku Cola on me!


P.S. started up my annual Parasite Eve file that I play through every Christmas season… what a monster!!!!!!