2020… Need I Say More?

What a nightmare. LOL Been awhile. *long deep breath* *look outside to the hazard ridden, smoldering ruins on the horizon* *let out a deep sigh* I haven’t been on here since January(not to say that I was on here ever, at any point, consistently or otherwise) when I saw “Weathering With You” in theaters. And… Continue reading 2020… Need I Say More?

Confessions of Love… ANIME LOVE

Ha ha ha! Could there be anything more embarrassing, more gut wrenching, more anxiety inducing than the confession of romantic love?! It is one of those amazing things in life, love I mean! Especially the young, unstable, ignorant, melodramatic version that we experience in our youth! It is a hallmark of growing up, a rights… Continue reading Confessions of Love… ANIME LOVE

Christmas in the Kingdom of Science

On the street outside, a cold wind animates the leaves, as a bright, warm glow pours out through the opaque frost covered windows and into the night. It is a home with family gathered. And on that street there are many of the same homes, with the same warmth pouring out from within. It is… Continue reading Christmas in the Kingdom of Science

The Passage of Time…

Time: Valuable Cosmic Mysterious Universal And as it pertains to our lives, unfortunately brief. But beyond that, we measure our life against this unit. Time. The progression of time, and the finite events that we experience as it progresses, constitutes our life. When time dilates, is reflected on, over laps, and branches into parallel versions… Continue reading The Passage of Time…

Anime Expo 2018 (Just When I Thought I Was Out, They Pull Me Back In)

Thank GOODNESS it’s Anime Sunday!!!! It has been AWHILE! I missed it. From August to this moment RIGHT NOW… A lot was going on. What a ride. All the while, I’ve been enjoying some anime here and there, reading through blog posts, keeping the spirit alive. Fighting the good fight. Y’know. And now, at the… Continue reading Anime Expo 2018 (Just When I Thought I Was Out, They Pull Me Back In)