Berserk author, Kentaro Miura’s journey comes to an end

At 54 years old, Kentaro Miura, LEGENDARY manga author of Berserk, NEEDS NO INTRODUCTION… passed away May 6th, 2021.

Through thick and thin, this work was a rock, and even now, Guts is tied for my favorite characters(tied with Snake from Metal Gear Solid), and frankly an influence of always fighting the good fight and not giving up.

So much nostalgia…

Even me, pretty wrapped up with life, work stuff, stresses, and everything in between that causes me to neglect this poor blog… I would be damned if I didn’t recognize and pay homage to the creator and this universally impactful work of art, and harrowing original masterpiece that is Berserk.

Thank you so much for the good times, the ups, and downs, and all arounds..

I hope you enjoyed the journey, the lap around the track of life, may this story be praised and enjoyed for millennia to come. I hope, in the last years, that you had fun writing Berserk, enjoying life, and got to transition somewhat from the ruminating darkness and trauma of decades old Berserk, and just have some fun with it, with the brighter setting and characters of the fairy island.

Guts saved Casca, battled a legion of evil and sin, and cleansed her mind after years of fighting the good fight… and all the while, Casca saved Guts too, and gave him meaning, and also persisted and was a strong character to complement and rival Guts on her own merits.

That was what it was always ever about anyways, Guts and Casca. With their trauma, and through the darkness, they found each other. They found their light, their solid rock and port in a swirling storm of abyssal darkness, in each other. To give meaning to the nihilistic and predatory causality of that universe.. to move forward, and beyond their troubled past, leaving behind Griffith and that evil…

That is a fair enough ending for me… I hope he gets some rest, I hope they get to enjoy their days, Guts and Casca and the gang. I HOPE Miura was okay with that and didn’t sweat a thing. I HOOOOPE his family and all fans are able to mourn in their own way, and continue to honor his memory, and celebrate his life. The world got a little less interesting, but we’ll pick up the torch and carry onward, just as those before us, and just as those to come.

You’re resting on that hill now, overseeing the camp fires from the band of the hawk, each flame an extension of the people gathered around it, with hopes, dreams, and lives.

Here’s to you. Thanks Miura.

We’ll be joining you at the campfire too one day

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