1 year later… and some change

I had another kid!

Gotta love the madness of life, change ever constant, stability and control fleeting if ever achieved in the first place.

Suffice to say, I realized I was at the midway point in the year and decided it was a good time for my semi annual post, lest the money I spend to keep this thing mine an objective waste, and the ship TRULY derelict.

It seemed apropos to kick off my first post of 2022 with where we left off last time over a year ago, and keep it full circle.

Berserk will be completed, Miura’s magnum opus, the dark fantasy world he created, with the characters we love(and HATE, I’m looking at you Griffith, you degenerate FUCK) and seeing the decades long journey through to the end, for better or worse, obtaining closure for that world and for us, hell or high water.

I’m excited the story and characters won’t be in perpetual limbo, yet melancholic to know it won’t be Miura himself directly guiding us along the journey. But the gentleman taking over is said to know all about the story and the main plot points through chats they had over the years, and that over the years Miura’s vision for story beats and happenings, by and large, has not measurably diverged or changed, so they are confident they can honor Miura and do their best.

I’m determined to see this through to the bitter end. Guts… you have my sword!!!! *raise blade towards the sky*

So, as ever, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Here’s to the uncertain future, the ever changing present, and a stagnant, but warm, nostalgic past!

Until next time!


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