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I’m still counting down the days until Halloween… 

In fact, while I was in Arizona I found myself playing through Castlevania Symphony of the Night(some things just never stop being a masterpiece). Not only did it help me kill time, it helped put me in the spirit.

Got me thinking about my favorite horror manga ever, and it reminded me of my horror manga extravaganza(read horror manga after horror manga in a one month span). Just so happens that one of the best manga I’ve ever read(I mean this thing scratched just about every itch I knew I had, and THEN some!) was within this 1 month extravaganza I had about 6 or 7 years ago.

Do yourself a favor this October. Turn off the lights, throw a log on the fire, grab a hot beverage of your choosing, curl up in a blanket, pray for some horrible weather outside so you don’t have to feel guilty for being lazy and antisocial, and then read yourself some horror manga!

I think they should be read in this particular order as well… something to whet the appetite, then something to get you ready for despair but not COMPLETELY submerged, then something to dive head first into with no hope of breaking the surface, and finally, one of my favorite manga, something to painfully drown in until………… well you’ll have to read to find out!

So the first one, “The Enigma of Amigara Fault”. It’s short, but it’s pretty tense… and a pretty intriguing idea, you’ll just have to read it, but you’ll be hooked from the get go and it’s wrapped up with a satisfying little horrifying evil bow.

After that, it’s time for “Gyo”… I’m not sure wether you live next to the coast line… but after reading this? You won’t WANT to. Pretty damn grim, but a bit more far fetched and a bit less interested in the human condition and psychological horror and it’s even silly at times… but make no mistake, this is only the first ring of hell.

Now that you crossed limbo, descended past the first few rings of hell, let me be your Virgil and take you to the next level, to a boiling river of blood…

“Dragon Head”. This one is DARK LOL. If you get some anxiety here and there and a general unease reading… you’re not alone my friend… I Virgil am here to guide you… I will not abandon you or forsake you in this darkest hour… I only ask that you endure! Because after crossing these hell crags, and boiling rivers of agony and torment… we find ourselves in the frozen abyssal zone of lake Cocytus itself…

The last descent… ” The Drifting Classroom”, one of my favorite manga that I have EVER read… it is, to put as simple as possible, brutal. However, the handle the author has on such a wide breadth of characters and ages and themes and happenings… this one is as profound as it is inimitable… and it is here that we do not abandon all hope ye’ who enter, as it is hope which has gotten us this far… when there is nothing left, we have hope. And unlike flowers and plants and trees that require water and care to grow and survive… hope can bloom and blossom from that hollow nothingness, and from that void, love, humanity, and warmth springs forth!


I, your acting Virgil and guide, can assure you, at the end I will have my hand extended towards you, and when your hand finally takes hold of mine, I will look to you and I will say “you made it”.

So read some scary stuff, some dark stuff, but then rejoice in knowing that it is not LITERALLY REAL! Just have some fun, and appreciate that you’re NOT in those hellish, apocalyptic situations! 

Instead, you’re curled up in a blanket, in front of the fire, lights turned low, sipping on a delicious hot beverage, protected from the storm brewing outside, and enjoying some manga!


P.S. Any great horror manga YOU read around this time?!

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