Halloween 2019: Treat Yourself to Demon Slayer

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! In anticipation of this spooky month I would like to beseech, implore, and insist that you, yes YOU, watch Demon Slayer in all of its glory(currently available on Crunchy Roll). A bit of context. Way back in May-ish/June-ish I was up at night with my big fat baby daughter of 4 months old… Continue reading Halloween 2019: Treat Yourself to Demon Slayer


I’M BACK IN PHOENIX!!! 😀 I’m so sad 😀 Anyway… Requisite, obligatory flight picture aside… Halloween is Wednesday next week… October FLEW BY(4 flights guaranteed at least that much) and it’s been fun! Just watched that new Haunting of Hill House show on Netflix. Pretty dark, pretty heavy, pretty interesting, a good time for Halloween!!!… Continue reading CASTLEVANIA SEASON 2!


ch… ch… ch… ah… ah… ah… CH CH CH AH AH AH……. CHCHCHAHAHAH!!!!!!!! I’m still counting down the days until Halloween…  In fact, while I was in Arizona I found myself playing through Castlevania Symphony of the Night(some things just never stop being a masterpiece). Not only did it help me kill time, it helped… Continue reading HORROR MANGA

HORROR ANIME(or at least festive)

I write this on the eve of October, the month of bewitching and spirits, of mischief and horrors, of tricks and treats. The cold weather slithers down from the cascading mountains as an impenetrable fog, trees shed their vivid sanguine foliage, and monsters begin to dance at the peripheral of our mind’s eye, just beyond… Continue reading HORROR ANIME(or at least festive)