Anime Rating Scale

When my anime bubble bursted after getting the internet… I consumed anything that involved animated drawings from Japan. I watched some TURDS LOL. Suffice to say I got burned out within a year or so… But due to that experience I learned a lot about what I want out of anime! And I began a… Continue reading Anime Rating Scale

Should Anime Influence How We Live Our Lives?… ABSOLUTELY!

Two weeks of work in L.A. done… Two more weeks to go… I love it though. Too much to learn! Better to be busy than bored! Anyway, while anime has been one of my primary assistants in killing time these past few weeks… I did not have many reflections… I WILL say, Food Wars has… Continue reading Should Anime Influence How We Live Our Lives?… ABSOLUTELY!

Why the high school setting in anime?!

Because you’re a PERVERT! A HENTAI! A BAKEMONE!! Just kidding…(mostly) Well, from the anecdotal evidence I could find online and my own conversations with exchange students AND from reading into the structure and expectations for academia in Japan, it is a safe determination that the high school experience is exceptionally difficult and stressful. Academia, entrance… Continue reading Why the high school setting in anime?!

Naruto X Hinata

All of my analysis for this post is going to be derived from my professionally unlicensed opinion. And now for the meat and potatoes… I just noticed that this booklet art is what must happen immediately following their kiss in front of the moon. That is why those two are embarrassed as everyone cheers them… Continue reading Naruto X Hinata

Top 10 Anime OP

I earned this “Sunday” post. Gotta vent a little. BUT PLEASE, feel free to skip to the bottom where the top 10 are, you impatient dilettante! First off- I had an extremely challenging dishonest employee interview with a supervisor. An absolutely brutal hour of confrontation and wits. Second off- I’m changing jobs again, so today… Continue reading Top 10 Anime OP

Anime Expo 2018 (Just When I Thought I Was Out, They Pull Me Back In)

Thank GOODNESS it’s Anime Sunday!!!! It has been AWHILE! I missed it. From August to this moment RIGHT NOW… A lot was going on. What a ride. All the while, I’ve been enjoying some anime here and there, reading through blog posts, keeping the spirit alive. Fighting the good fight. Y’know. And now, at the… Continue reading Anime Expo 2018 (Just When I Thought I Was Out, They Pull Me Back In)