I’M BACK IN PHOENIX!!! 😀 I’m so sad 😀 Anyway… Requisite, obligatory flight picture aside… Halloween is Wednesday next week… October FLEW BY(4 flights guaranteed at least that much) and it’s been fun! Just watched that new Haunting of Hill House show on Netflix. Pretty dark, pretty heavy, pretty interesting, a good time for Halloween!!!… Continue reading CASTLEVANIA SEASON 2!


ch… ch… ch… ah… ah… ah… CH CH CH AH AH AH……. CHCHCHAHAHAH!!!!!!!! I’m still counting down the days until Halloween…  In fact, while I was in Arizona I found myself playing through Castlevania Symphony of the Night(some things just never stop being a masterpiece). Not only did it help me kill time, it helped… Continue reading HORROR MANGA

HORROR ANIME(or at least festive)

I write this on the eve of October, the month of bewitching and spirits, of mischief and horrors, of tricks and treats. The cold weather slithers down from the cascading mountains as an impenetrable fog, trees shed their vivid sanguine foliage, and monsters begin to dance at the peripheral of our mind’s eye, just beyond… Continue reading HORROR ANIME(or at least festive)

My Hero Academia Movie

The My Hero Academia movie was FANTASTIC. Just finished it a few hours ago, and if you have the opportunity and are a fan, do yourself a favor and see it with an audience where all the fans squee at their favorite hero introduction and shout during the final moments of the movie… hype… we… Continue reading My Hero Academia Movie

Summer Days Gone By

With Summer coming to a close(it actually ended yesterday!!!), I think it’s important to celebrate while we can. The days are bound to get shorter, and much colder in the coming weeks… WINTER IS COMING! ABANDON ALL HOPE!!! WE’LL NEVER MAKE IT!! WE’RE DOOMED!! MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON YOUR DAMNED SOULS!!!!! … Summer is… Continue reading Summer Days Gone By

HAIKYUU!! THE MOVIE: BATTLE OF CONCEPTS! Playing(hopefully) at a movie theater near you!!!(I hope)

I can’t wait to watch this on the 19th! I REALLY enjoyed Haikyuu!! and was chomping at the bit for more, so to see my scrappy crows fighting the great white eagle himself on the big screen with a bunch of nerds should be awesome! Gonna see it with two buddies. I encourage all anime… Continue reading HAIKYUU!! THE MOVIE: BATTLE OF CONCEPTS! Playing(hopefully) at a movie theater near you!!!(I hope)

Re:Zero, Holy CRAP this show is good…

However, that said… I JUST STARTED WATCHING IT AND FINISHED IT!!! Late to the party, and WAY PAST fashionable! I H-A-T-E myself for not being on the hype train when this first aired… How could I miss this? This show was made for me. The violence is brutal, but it is NOT gratuitous, it MATTERS,… Continue reading Re:Zero, Holy CRAP this show is good…

BACK FROM L.A.!!! AND ANIME IN THE WORK PLACE!!! (NSFW 18+) lol just kidding

THANK GOD I’M BACK!!!!!! Also found out I’m approximately ~1% Japanese(one of those genetic tests)… I hope the circumstances, surrounding this ancient genetic inheritance, were…. favorable…. But that explains my adoration for anime! That 1% went a long way! 😀 thanks ancestors! Or should I say ARIGATO… Also, found out a bunch of co-workers are… Continue reading BACK FROM L.A.!!! AND ANIME IN THE WORK PLACE!!! (NSFW 18+) lol just kidding

Anime Rating Scale

When my anime bubble bursted after getting the internet… I consumed anything that involved animated drawings from Japan. I watched some TURDS LOL. Suffice to say I got burned out within a year or so… But due to that experience I learned a lot about what I want out of anime! And I began a… Continue reading Anime Rating Scale